CLUB MASTERS OF LINEN : European traceability

logo club masters of linenCLUB MASTERS OF LINEN is the guarantee of linen 100% Made in EUROPE, from plant to yarn to fabric. A registered tradermark and a seal of excellence for both the trade and the consumer.


Club Masters of Linen is a club of European textile companies who have opted for 100% European traceability and want to offer their clients – brands and/or consumers – a differentiation tool a high value-added identity.

Masters of Linen is a collective mark which guarantees excellence and 100% European traceability at each stage of processing. It is available for finished products with a final composition of either pure linen, linen blends (cotton warp, linen weft) or a linen-rich fibre content, in the areas of fashion and household textiles.

To ensure 100% European traceability of finished products, the spinners and weavers commit to a stringent set of rules set by the Club Masters of Linen Committee - the governing body – and the companies’ Auditors and approved certification bodies: Centrocot-IT et Centexbel-BE.

CLUB MASTERS OF LINEN benefits from a specific timetable to promote its members through collective and individual projects. It is led by Marie Demaegdt, head of the Textile Department at CELC:

Member companies:

These spinners and weavers, members of CELC, have committed to Club Masters of Linen criteria - European sourcing and production - by contract and validated the compliance to these criteria by external audit:

Spinners :

Weavers / Knitters:

 These weavers can now brand as Club Masters of Linen, their fabrics and products where linen yarn contents is 100% spun in EUROPE (in the case of blends, the origin of the non-linenyarn does not matter). And forward the Club Masters of Linen logo and labels to their clients, under same conditions.